It Is Not In The Interests of The Company!!!


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Grandad...'How come a team that was supposed to be skint, hae nae big named players, never won any trophies, are noo big favourites to win the league and we have jist won the quadruple treble, a canny understand that Grandad'.

Neither can I son, I'm afraid I can't answer that one son, I really can't.........

I think in all probability that has been answered...

"It was not in the interests of the company"
I did not watch Saturday’s game because it has become even more predictably rigged and the plc are unquestionably complicit in it. An under-qualified, tactically deficient manager appointed by an arrogant, complacent CEO, playing players out of position, officiated by a former season ticket holder of our opponents who applies the rules of the game selectively to advantage his favourite team. How many times have we read this script and seen this movie, yet the last chairman to call out any of this was John Reid and the last legal advisor, Paul McBride – and look what happened to him! Knowing all this the only rational decision is to stop supporting this sham financially. If you know you are being scammed and you no longer derive any enjoyment, what is the point? I am very fortunate that I have not lived in Scotland for many years, so I can avoid it if I want to. There are no huns here ramming it down my throat and zero media coverage of what people here regard as a diddy league, if they even know it exists!


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From Auldheid via CQN


In the Company’s interests. Everything Celtic do, or don’t do is in the Company’s interests.

All that is needed is an explanation why it is in the Company’s interests to let the Dubai trip proceed.

What would the consequences be if didn’t? What would they be if it did?

Anyone fancy making a guess at either?

Take a reasoned approach as opposed to an emotional one.

I hope that is what Celtic did?

If we had some idea of what The Board considered to be in the Company’s interests there might be a better understanding why The Board act as they do.

Try as I might I cannot fathom why it is not in the Company’s interests short and long term to call out the biggest risk to ongoing success (is that in the Company’s interests?) and that is to protect our man rivals and their SFA plants when they clearly do not deserve it?

How much has that protection cost Celtic financially as a PLC and emotionally as a community of supporters?

How much does the loyalty of the support allow negative consequences to be avoided?

Who is at fault?

Think about it.