Janefield Street crush


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Great detailed report thank you.
My grandson was at the match,I dread to think what the outcome could
could have been.
My twin brother wrote this to Celtic after the 1985 shame game guess what the fans got the blame

Witness Letters to Celtic View

I write to to express my disgust and utter disbelief at the way the mounted police behaved in Janefield Street after the Celtic v Scotland's Shame game of May 1st.
As a large crowd of Celtic supporters moved along the street singing and chanting at least four mounted police lined up and charged down the street into the crowd. As people ran to the side to avoid the onslaught they had to climb onto railings by the side of the road, and these promptly collapsed under the weight of all the people. However the police, undeterred, charged down the street again.
The police, although possibly provoked, must have known that there were far more innocent adults and small children in the crowd than troublemakers, they must also have known that the presence of the horses can inflame an already dangerous situation as was learned during the miners strike.
I believe that the police on the whole do a very commendable job under the most difficult of circumstances but this time I think they went too far. This behaviour only helped to incite the troublemakers to greater acts of violence. I can only hope that the police learn from this experience and correct their tactics.
MM, Sighthill, Glasgow

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