Jesus H. Christ


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This has got to be one of the worst/greatest hun conspiracy theories in the history of hun conspiracy theories. Read it and weep (with laughter).
It doesn't matter what they do they always come second to Celtic. Imagine that mob taking credit for that idea when we all know that Lenny did it first when he played calmacat lb v cluj. That's why he did it so that DD&PL would sit up and take notice of the fact we needed a lb. So lenny decided to throw away the champions league tie against cluj just to get his players in and it worked. Same old /new rangers copying everything we do ?


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Here's a fun exercise.

Read this paragraph from the article in Helium Guy's voice . . .

'Gerrard deliberately set out to lose at the weekend, picking the wrong team and the wrong tactics, so that he could hold Dave King’s feet to the fire and get the money for Kent. This was not a manager making a mess of things, it was a cunning stratagem."