Kenny Miller Needs Psychological Help Urgently


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Without massive sums for their players the rangers are going bust. The losses are staggering. These fantasies are just moonbeams to keep hope alive. The truth is so unpalatable. They don’t realise just how awful their last ever season will be. You cannot survive on moonbeams.


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I read on the BBC Scottish football rumours that Kenny Miller thinks Tavernier could be worth £10M. I couldn't read the article because of the tears of mirth... did anyone read it? Did it say Tavernier has a £9.5M manor and a Bentley which will be included in the deal? He must still be getting deludamol provided by sevco.
Kenny Miller and the like are making the easiest money of their careers, will you sign this bullshit for £500.00, aye no bother story endorsed and Kenny off to the sauna.