More-or-less - appeal by Sevco !!


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Who'd a thought it , eh ? Sevco appeal the outrageous sending off of Buffalo Soldier when all he did was what he did at Ibrokes against Celtic .
If The Yorkshire Ripper had Sevco in his corner he would have got off with a fine and six months ( suspended ) at the Carstairs country club .


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If he gets off with this latest piece of thuggery - then we might as well not bother with red/yellow cards for him . He is obviously a special case and is being treated like one by the authorities .
And McGregor is becoming untouchable regardless of how violent his conduct .


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If Moreoeless and McGregor get away with those tackles, and the ones from before, it will show who is running Scottish football - and its not the SFA or SPFL.


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Liked moreloss eyes after he was assisted to his feet after the horrendous fall he suffered n got red card. For a second he was about to explode again!

This guy is a liability n a dangerous one at that! Would love to be a defender marking this childish clown, easiest job in the world to wind this inbred up. Although I'd probably be red carded for taking the pish out the handicapped or sumfing!