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I think there's absolutely no doubt that McKenna would improve under Brendan Rodgers and has the ability to be a top class CB. However, Ryan Porteous is only 19 and is already, imo, around the same level as McKenna in terms of pure ability, taking out experience. We could get Porteous for much less too, but, yes, he's a risk. We were going to be signing this English Whatmough lad from Portsmouth. Is he any better than McKenna? I'd doubt it immensely. If you watched that Scotland-Israel game at Hampden, McKenna had Dabbur, who scored twice against us for Salzburg and is apparently wanted by Liverpool and others, in his back pocket. So while I get the criticisms of him and understand people balking at the price, I don't think he's as bad as many make out.


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Any talk about getting anybody who will cost actual money died on Friday when Rogers stated £4m players are beyond us.

So unless Aberdeen are willing to sell him for a £50 postal order, it’s a non starter, even if he was what we need, which I’m not convinced about either.