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Got this wan the day...I thought it was only nuts they ate :unsure:

We have some around our backyard
Apologies abut the crap photo's but there's a grey squirrel who's huge and the black one is getting healthy, we leave food out for the birds and some nuts for the squirrels and raccoons, which come by infrequently, but we keep Beau inside as he'd probably want to go say hello and that's not good as the 'bandits' have sharp claws
First pic, you might be able to make out the grey with the long tail, (upside down clinging on) at the top of the feeder
Cue little bastards, but they make a mess, as they like to attack our bird feeder, and the seeds go everywhere
Some are pretty ballsy, they'll hang off the feeder and look at you, as they nibble away
I had one come right up to the window and look right in at me and our two cats, who were watching them

Squirrel 3 (8).jpgNewYears Squirrel (1).jpgSquirrel 3 (10).jpgsquirrelday (7).jpgSquirrel 3 (4).jpgSquirrel 3 (6).jpgSquirrel 3 (5).jpg
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