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If gets beat Celts twice and win game in hand, they'll only be point behind. And if my auntie had a pair of baws she'd be my uncle. HH
We can't get complacent though, but id rather have current gap. Also means they need to beat us twice and us to lose points with them losing less than us.

Very strong position. And I am confident we can hold the gap. But complacency should not be tolerated now that we have that gap.


Michael D

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Dropped 8 points since winter break but aye if we beat Celtic twice and then we can win the rest of our games ,,,
Forgive my memory but who was the hun that recently declared on social media that Rangers just needed to win all their remaining games up to the next old firm game at the piggery, G51.

Sorted, claimed that deranged bawbag.
But after last night,what's plan B ?
And he really should concentrate on his own team's shambles and worry about the dropping of more points again. (inevitable of course)

Gerrard? He's probably off summertime, having endured his stint, the 'nightmare' appointment that all budding managers must take one time in their career, to realise how bad things can be before you attempt to climb the ladder of a long established club.

Looking at some of the hun shit posted on social media after last night's shambles, many consider Gerrard is "no the man"
And the knives are out, it would seem.
So let's get manager number 4 or whatever it is; one who can walk across the water and make the huns great againšŸ˜­
Nae real money to spend of course but you'll make it happen if you're "a real Rangers man"

Cloud fuckin 9.

Keep it going Celic bhoys. No complacency!