FFS it’s soft open for dicks that don’t want to pay out fer a porn channel. Tarts that look like moving Barbie dolls with the same plastic tits and trout pout and the same feckin IQ. Lads that try to look like the chippendales just as shallow and not worth the price of their fake tan. I’d rather nail my tits to a coffee table rather than watch that tripe, but don’t let me stop yous watching it’s only my opinion folks
Right so am a dick.....Cheers Greenghirl ..remembered!😆Make sure you use an Estwing hammer if youte gony nail your tits to a coffee table 👍


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Feckin lab rats!
Willing participants for cash and notoriety, semi celebrity status and lessons on devolution of mankind into animals. Pure sensationalism with outrageous ego trips thrown in for good measure.

The cremation of care ceremonies by the elite work wonders. People starving and sleeping rough with nobody to help them or even care. But get the cash rolling in for the worst forms of humanity ever put on tv.

But feck it. Who cares? She might be a rancid party girl but she has clean hair and lovely skin. And does she wear underwear?

And the macho stereo type body builder shaped disciplined athletic males but sadly 1 brain cell between the entire cast.

All about the superficial phoney world of plastic people with plastic reality. But people give them thousands to appear on TV and none to the homeless dude who looks rough.

All about appearance, all about the superficial hedonistic cremation of care.

They won't give homeless dude cash incase he buys booze but give the hot chick thousands to help her cocaine addiction cause she likes to get her tits out for the lads.

Scary decline of morals passed as just a good laugh