Score Predictions tomorrow


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I would agree here. It seemed like last time St. Johnstone forgot that part of their game is that they have to put the ball in the opposing net, so 2-0 Celtic sounds like it's a safe margin.
Hi Icafiero - you're up early over in California .
If that is your picture above your name you look like Peter McDougall's double !

P.S. Peter McDougall is a Scottish writer/playwright from Greenock . Greenock , if you don't know it , is a wee riverside town on the Clyde .

I'll go along with the 2-0 - I saw them at Parkhead on Wednesday and the Saints were compact and well-drilled until our flair players turned it on . Need to do the same on Sunday .
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I never predict the score of any Celtic game as it's a superstition of mine.

Everybody else fill yer boots


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Good hard earned performance,no matter what the shit try to do ,we will better it!!we know what the score is now,am a great believer in karma,Lady Luck whatever.,these cheating bad——s will get their cumuppance.!!!!hh