Seville day - 21st May 2003


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I went to Celtic games with my mate James who stays along the street from me. He is not a season ticket guy and used is nephew Sean's ticket. Sean is Irish and works in one of Dermot Desmond's Banks and D D had left tickets in a seville Bank for any of his staff to use. Sean got 3tickets and was intending to take his father and his Uncle James to the game. James phoned me a week before the game asking what pubI would be watching the game. He then ask, did I have a passport. I said yes and he told me he had a ticket for me as he didn't have a passport. I had a fantastic seat at the game, looking down to the press seats and then further down the trophy and the dugouts. Just befor the start of the match, Porto fans released the biggest banner I've ever seen behind the goals but we did even better, our players went into the Huddle and The Roar our fans made was the Best I have experienced. Others will say the same.HH
I remember the banner away to our right being unfurled like a Roman Blind It was in the style of a book with a record of their passage to the final The teams they played complete with
Club crests and the scores of each match
Very impressive

We must have been in the same vicinity of the stadium as each otber

I was right on the half way line just behind the dugouts and had a perfect view of MON's thinning crown as he bounced around going mental when they got up to their antics


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I watched it at home with my dad, brother and uncles. My dad was gutted he couldnt take us but my mum was never allowing it. She was convinced my dad would lose us in Seville (he would have, 100%). Amazing day, although we were all devastated at the result. Still hate the "special one" till this day for his cheating tactics....also never u understand why we played for their goal keepers testimonial.....I'm just being bitter.