Should we sign Gallagher


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Aye I was just as shocked BB, MD to read that. 14 years and I'm only finding out that he is and has been a scout all this time. Not just a scout either but senior European and uk scout. I mean is that even possible? Scouting europe and the uk scene simultaneously? Perhaps it just means that all scout reports go through him. If that's the case and considering the players weve brought to the club in that time the guy must be a fn unsung hero. And he can play golf 🙈 no no no nae wonder all the player play golf . Which is one of those games that is good to play but murder tae watch. Well the clubs done a brilliant job in keeping that from us all for so long. its aw his fault get him tae....just messing only found out about him want him sacked next day 😂


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Supposedly Hammond was at the motherwell game today to scout Declan Gallagher. The guy is not that good in my opinion, a hoof ball player at best.
The guy is also a BAM

Is this what we have been reduced to. There are 2 reason why he's plying his trade at Motherwell at the age of 29.

(1) he's a violent criminal who was sentenced to 3 years for a cowardly attack with a baseball bat (great role model)
(2) he's shite

Do you not think we should be looking else where
Benkovic please.