Sky’s the limit


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Normally a jist watch the game, nae pre match post match shite, might make an exception wi' this wan! 🍺
FFS, ☘MD☘ Nae pre match. Normally I would be enjoying a pre match & annoying "THE BARSTOOL LOYAL", but due tae the Wife's recent health issues I'm at home, getting ready tae watch us at home. Sky Sports News(Me Bad) now on Radio Scotland, then on tae ma son in Dubai for the game, with Radio Commentary.


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You try talki
Try talking to knuckledraggers about rules😹
I have spent my life trying to bring truth to their darkness. My big mate, usually very chipper on text and email, especially after they won the We Beat Celtic Cup, has gone awfully quiet. Too quiet.

I have been love bombing him with supportive texts. Poor bastard can only read Spanish these days so it might take some time. I won't give up on him though. It's what mates do. One blessing is he's a baldy so he cant injure himself pulling out hair by the clump. I've texted his wife to hide the paracetamol. I do what I can.


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I see Sky have the game v Sheep on Sunday and Celtic are contracted to give a after match interview, if we have any Spanish speaking players I would put them forward for it and tell them to answer in Spanish, Sky wont have a clue whats being said as apparently no one speaks Spanish at Sky 😂😂😂😂😂
Hell! I'm sure they speak Espanol just fine. It's Celtic they don't speak. Well they be gettin edjukated now.


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easy post match

aye ,naw , bye
Get Broony to do the aftermatch interview the same as he did when he was at HIBS and was asked about the John Collins situation

Every question was answered with 'I don't know' 😂😂

Not sure if we have any Spanish speaking players
Think Izzaguirre might be a free agent though
We could sign him on a short term deal and see how that went