Songs of love and hope and freedom


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This song is aboot John Graham of Claverhouse, known to history as Bonnie Dundee. He led the Jacobite rebellion, against the Crown, of 1689.
The rebellion fizzled oot after Bonnie Dundee was killed at the Battle of Killiecrankie.
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I beleave one the Celtic players sang it at a supporters club,sorry can't recall who? It comes with age you know (73) on Thursday,sure somebody's will remember
Did a bit of googling on it, apparently it was Chris Morris, as you said at a supporters function, back in the late 80’s when all the players regularly used to visit supporters clubs, they were always ask to do a wee turn, like sing a song, like karaoke, before karaoke was invented, Niall Quinn introduced him to the song whilst on international duty, the rest is history.....
He’s a wee article on the subject



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"Unknown Legend" -- one of Neil's best.

I used to live in the San Francisco neighborhood where Chris Isaak grew up, and many of my neighbors had stories about the local boy who made good. I only saw him once, leaving a cafe as I was entering, and we just said "hello" in passing, and that was it.