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I can only imagine what the "they let us away with that one" list would be on FF
500 comments at least 😂
I've been lucky and only had a few minor fines.
I only got away with a two (pissing in the street and minor vandalism ) as I was wearing light jeans and had dripped a pint . I had a we patch the size of a 50p and said I was in the process of pishing myself.
2nd I was sitting on the back of the lion on George square eating a plant I'd pulled up .
(Don't ask)
Edit (Had to add in while I was on the lion two of my mates that had acquired large electrical cable bobbins were running and diving onto them and repeatedly falling, too out of it to feel pain)
The copper that found us was that confused he got me to replant it and told us to get to fuck out of the city centre 🤣🤣🤣
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I got pulled a few years ago the conversation went something like this
cop do you know the speed limit on this road
me aye 30
cop so why are you doing 50
me I didn’t notice
cop your observations not very good I’ve been following you for 3/4 of a mile And you didnt see me till I put the blue lights on and you have a tail light out
me eh umm
cop name
me micky not really McMick
cop what do you work as
me (sheepishly ) Taxi driver
smart arse cop well that explains a lot doesn’t it
they gave me a HORTI to get the light fixed and a cunting about my speed

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