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"I am hoping to have a couple of players in this week", June-July-August..... I can hear Sandy Shaw singing 'Puppet on a String'. Most inept management display I have witnessed for some time. Even last night when pressed he claimed he did not need to buy players - he had the squad he needed? What a shambles. Kilmarnock defenders are about the size of our ambition. In 2019 Peter Lawell thinks family entertainment is an amplifier blasting music and two people walking about on stilts - our fans are being treated with contempt...


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Lenny said that we had a contingency plan if KT left this summer. KT left a week ago. Is the contingency plan to sit on their collective arses, do nothing, say nothing and hope everyone forgets about the gaping chasm in the left side of the defence?

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As people on here know I am not a great Neil Lennon fan but we need to get behind him now,because if there was ever a time he needed our support that time is right now..
He made a mistake and I think he has paid a hefty price for his mistake,time to regroup Bhoys and Ghirls and rally round our leader...
Can you imagine the lift it would give him on Saturday to walk out to the dugout to the words of ..
THERE IS ONLY ONE NEIL LENNON..what we need to remember is this mans family are also indirectly involved in what happened on Tuesday,,his family know what is being said about him and as we all know some of it is not very nice,,would we like our family to have to hear what was being said about us if the shoe was on the other foot..
We all know why we did not have a strong enough team to beat Cluj but the guilty party of this fiasco will be sitting in the directors box as per usual,,when instead he should be signing on at his local BROO. but we all know that is not going to happen no matter what we say,so instead of wasting our vocals on a runt like Lawell,lets get behind Lenny and Glasgow Celtic and show these huns it will take more than Brendan Rogers and Andy King to wrestle our League Champions Flag out of Parkhead.HH


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I do not think we are after Ibe because a) We don't need him, particularly on loan, and b) He's mince... imo
With Bain out for 2 months I would not mind seeing us go for Marciano and Porteous from Hibs. Gumny and Birger Meling would also give us some chance of this window being better than it has been so far
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