What was your 1st Celtic European game?.


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I vaguely remember a friendly match against Sparta - not Prague , but a Dutch team from Amsterdam . It was around 1960 . I had got a' lift over ' .
My clearest memory of the game is that the Sparta players seemed so tall compared to our wee Scottish runts - but we ran rings round them and won easily .

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I had been to European games previously wi the old man in the late 60s - lift over or crawl under- but have no recollection of who we played. The first one I remember paying for - I think about a quid- was the infamous semi against athletico in 74. I'm still raging!


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Sporting Lisbon 5-0, mid-teens, I think, first night game I was allowed to travel to and back on my own.

Right in the middle of the jungle with some school pals - we'd skipped out of school early and journeyed to Glasgow - mad for it, awesome night.

Set up the Rapid Vienna adventure, which is another story.


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Dukla Prague.

My granda took me to my 1st Celtic game Celtic 7 Elgin City 0 February 1967

He was in Kilearn Hospital for a leg op in the March when Joe McBride was in a side ward and my dad took me to get his autograph

My granda was out of hospital in time to take me to the Dukla Prague game

Was just too wee to go to Lisbon although we were aff school that day for Holiday of Obligation for Corpus Christi

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No quite sure but my dad took me to most Pre Leeds semi final at Hampden but distinctly remember being up the Rangers end on the pisser wall for that game. Thou It was probably the season before though the first Parkhead Reno’s as I remember being at Euro games before the renovation with the old man & my last at Paradise against Real 1980 with my cousin Ann Marie & her friend Maria “don’t think it’s our Maria though?” before coming too Australia. I was sure the disallowed goal that night would haunt us “ which it did” never forget the way Laura Cunningham riped us apart that night “RIP” though we won, that was last time I heard the “jungle we were in the middle” singing live“ you’ll never walk alone” it’s still with me till this day and brings tears to my eyes.