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According to Saul

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Makes you wonder how a wee startup, with the help of the media, can turn a 7 million investment into giving Sevco a 20 mill long term deal during a pandemic when people are been furloughed, and now they are stating a 6 man operation need to employ more folk, can see a wee order going straight to China and a lot of huns been relieved of their 80% percent furlough money for the season book and strip. Ah nothing like sitting in the house book in pocket and new strip on with nowere to go, just like a new coat of paint.
It's funny to think boab that all the Huns I Know buy the latest Top but have never been inside Ibrokes

The Galway shawl

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I lived in South Africa for a while in the 1980's. I had a mate who was a Ranger's fanatic. Every week he sent his gate money to Ibrox, in Rand, saying I can't be there in body but i can support the team in spirit. Eventually he got a letter from Ibrox. It was a beautiful letter thanking him for his contribution. With the Rangers crest. But pointing out that the gate money had increased and to stop sending it in Rand as it was costing them money to convert it to Sterling.
We're you in Durban at anytime? Natal? CSC?