A lethargic performance but......

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The thing is Madden gambled on Dundee scoring ala the 6 mins of injury time.

He would have pounced on any infringement late on to stick it up us and help his fellow Huns.

That in my view was why he added the 6 mins
Agree completely Imatim...Dundee actually looked more dangerous on the break. Madhun saw us push our whole team forward going for the winner. There was a couple of times where Dundee won the ball and had they been a better side could have punished us.
I reckon Madhun thought, due to us being so poor in the final third, that if he gave enough time at the end Dundee might nick one.

There has been plenty of times this season where Celtic were winning the match by a large margin and instead of the 4 or 5 minutes that should have been added on the ref has stuck on only 2 minutes....obviously to keep the goal difference down. Not much uproar when that's happened this season. Also not much mention of the huns 5 minutes on Saturday.

Funny how injury time only becomes a major talking point when it involves Celtic....we really are the trend setters of Scottish football......

Injury time - Celtic
Pitch invasions - Celtic
Objects thrown on pitch - Celtic
Sectarianism - Celtic
Critical of referees - Celtic

Small list of things there that only became the subject of the Scottish sports media when it involved us...even though it's been happening at other stadiums for ages.