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Oh definately, might not have the pace or stamina of the Celtic days but the quality ? It's a natural born gift/talent, some players could train and practice all their playing days and never reach naka's level. Makes me think if when, I can't remember which game but about 3-4 seasons ago Henrik Larsson played in a Celtic select V man Utd select (I think) and Larsson was immense scored and assisted in that game. Was so good there was genuine calls for the club to sign him again on a play as/when you can contract for the spl. That level of talent coupled with the extreme dedicational hard work ethic shown by naka and Larsson was just incredible and probably id put the 2 in the top 5 best players I've ever seen wear the hoops (I'll have to think it out more closely but aye I think I would, I'll start a post on that I think) HH
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