Brendan's away again


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You would think grrard might be getting lined up for lots of jobs as well now that he is the greatest manager in the world ever.

They know they won't get slippy. The U18 coach is waiting for Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona or one of the Milan clubs... have to stop there... sparks are coming off my laptop from the tears of mirth flooding in.


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Realistically there is no way BR is leaving when we’re still on for 10.

When his times up at Celtic he’s going to get a decent PL gig regardless but why wouldn’t he want to solidify his place in Celtic history by being the man who takes us to ten?

The only way he’ll go is if somehow we throw it away.
I think this is just another beat up..... Apart from money, I cannot understand why these people think BR would move to a club where they would sack a manager when he is 7th in the PL. BR is on record for saying that he is unhappy about managers being sacked without real cause.