Celtic v CFR Cluj - Paradise, Tuesday 13 August - all comments here


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Some terrific posts from the bhoys and ghirls over the last 2 days. I've been so fuckin scunnered it's taken me 2days to start looking at them tbh. TV made a very worrying point about the new defenders maybe not being Lennon's signings,. I believe this to be true. He said if that's the case it's fkn even worse than we think and I agree with him 100% . Nobody spends 10 million on two new defenders and doesn't play them ,he obviously doesn't fancy either. Maybe it's already time to write off the 10 million and start again from scratch. Nobody's got all the answers here and we're all hurting like fk looking for them .I've never been one to slag off lenny or even Kennedy whose never filled me with confidence that he's capable of doing the job but this is getting to be a fkn joke and the campaign s no even started properly yet. Time to get the fkn finger oot and start recruiting some decent defenders before we blow the whole fkn shebang. HH
Another thing about that debacle I noticed that we weren't the only club to suffer badly that night. Porto, Basel, Dynamo Kiev all exited via shock results. I think AIK are probably going to be a better side than cluj as well. Still I think were better than both if we play to our strengths which we definately didn't do that night. Also lenny is the manager and if these are not his players so what? They are now. He can't come into a new job and within a few months later say these are not his players (not that I've heard him say that). There must be players there in boli and jullien else we would never have spent the money. Lenny worked better with his own backroom team and he's not brought one in, that's puzzling also. It's not the end of the world. This game v AIK is massive now and we all can bet everything calmac won't be at lb.

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Lenny worked better with his own backroom team and he's not brought one in, that's puzzling also.
This is such a bizarre thing. Even up here Highland League managers bring in their own support staff so can't understand why Lennon didn't bring in his own management team who he can rely on!