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This one though, after giving them a right go at Old Trafford and losing by a goal, a shocking penalty won by a snakey diving bastard, whom only recently had the benefit of 20,000 supporters attending his testimonial. I celebrated his re-trial decision the cock. Anyhow, the 'biggest club in World, the best players incl Ronaldo etc, the greatest manager ever, ahem, the free kick, the last minute penalty save and the fact we were pretty average outwith Boruc/Naka.
Then to top it off, the announcement over the tannoy that we'd qualified for last 16, nobody had thought of it because nobody gave us a chance....

Aw that snake oil oozing bawbag Giggs?
I too celebrated his re-trial decision STG.
He's a horrible wee slime of a person.
A guy who thinks because he could play the beautiful game and made millions from it, at man utd,
that automatically meant he is a better person than the rest of us, and he is 'entitled' to be held to different standards and laws because of it.
Who this nasty piece of work thinks he is?
Not even amongst the best players I've ever seen , though aye, a very good one.

Special player? yes. Special person?
Hell no nay never!
Sleeping with his brothers wife for 8 years?
That's ok because she was sleeping with everybody?
Dont tell your brother, just fire in as well.
What kind of person / brother is that?
A wrong yin.

And also even before that , his super - injunction ' gagging order' on the burd that was in big brother.
Imogen Thomas ( and he was punching way above his weight with her) only his wallet, fame and being Welsh got him anywhere near her.

For once a politician did the right thing and named the bassa /creep in parliament , using parliamentary privileges or something like that.
The MP only did that because he'd instructed his lawyer to sue Twitter! Twitter users particularly, for naming him.
I mean the ego of this guy?
Then a Scottish paper named him because the injunction wasnt applicable outside of England and Wales, he spent about £200k when he just had to keep shtoom.
Imogen Thomas didnt want the story to come out.

With a history like that , you just know ( I should say I just feel) that hes most likely guilty of the domestic abuse , head butting the lassie and the years of "coercive, controlling behaviour " , even the lassies sister was on the receiving end of his entitlement.

He says it's a case of " a woman scorned because she couldnt deal with his inability to be faithful" and that quote says a lot about him.

Calling Fergie as a character witness etc , and his disbelief at the re-trial verdict.
I was astonished that Fergie would stand in court for this guy knowing what he'd done previously.

I am well happy to see that he wont get to manage Wales at the desert world cup and that he'll have been on bail for 2-3 year or so by the time his trial is back in court the 🤬 pig.

20, 000 Tim's would never have turned up for that game, his testimonial had they known the type of , was gonny say man he is but hes no man.
Just glad that Celtic won that game 4-3 and remember sutton slapping Beckham 🤣
Tangent alert!
Aye great to qualify against man utd and deserved a point in manchester as well 😛


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How good was that team
Henrik, Lubo, Hartson, Henrik, Stan, big Mjallby and Thommo
Listen to the crowd

Fantastic memories I remember going into work the day of the game all the Liverpool fans were at their cocky best asking me what the score was going to be I said 2-0 to the hoops oh how they laughed. I came into work the next morning my god you thought someone died even one of the Liverpool and dead co fan never showed up for work he suddenly came down with some incurable disease for the day anyway he got a phone call it scarred him for life .thanks for posting that clip dilligaf good times.


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How good was that team
Henrik, Lubo, Hartson, Henrik, Stan, big Mjallby and Thommo
Listen to the crowd

The difference between how good that team was and the oldco/newco teams reaching the final is shown by the quality of the opposition we had to play to get to Seville.

Our football was lauded by all our supporters awarded by FIFA.

In stark contrast, they had guys like Messi calling them out for their " anti-football" and they were never in that final in Manchester.
Their supporters trashed Manchester.
I know a bloke who had paid a small fortune for him and his son to go to that final but they stayed in the hotel to watch it because he deemed it too dangerous to be on the streets, truly terrible , a good bloke , rangers fan his only fault 😛.

The final they lost last season is different in other ways, namely that they played no one of note on they way to the final.
Dortmund aye , I'll give them that but no more.
The kindest draw you could've hoped for.
Leipzig were rank , it took a side who I dont think even finished in the Bundesliga top 10 to beat them in the final.

They may have played 2 finals since we were in Seville with 'that' team.
The circumstances in which they reached both couldnt be any further apart from our run and the top sides every round we beat on the way.
English, Spanish, German, Portugese all feared us , feared Larsson, Sutton, Hartson could name the whole team ,
Rab Douglas 😎

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