Will the Scotland team ever-be prised from the clutches of the masonic crew, will it ever be inspired with transparency, sporting integrity and unbiased governance?

These cretins have kept our Country in 1690 and they are Scotlands Shame in their entirety.

Scraping coins off everyones table and divvying it up between themselves like a bunch of junkies on a tenner bag.



How do you encapsulate the aroma of desperation though? The SFA stink to high heavens with corruption and they don't seem to mind that we can all smell them humming. Employing a tax cheating old has-been like McLeish tells us it's time they were ran out the door.

Hey that antons a really bitter and twisted fellow, Shamrock.

Some peepul eh? 😂😂
Everyone knew that the Big Eck appointment to manage the Scotland team was aimed a taking back control to deliver the Sevco agenda.
There is only one person to blame for last night and it is the clown in charge of the team. He and the people that made his appointment have taken Scottish football, at International level, back twenty years.
The way he spoke after the match was a total embarrassment to the country.
The SFA cannot be allowed to continue in its present form, shambles from top to bottom.
When are we going to get an enquiry into the running of our game?


He seemed more intent that he was right, his tactics, thats worrying because if he doesn’t know he’s wrong where does that leave the Country?

Imagine not even knowing mckenna was already on the pitch too.

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What did Naismith contribute to the game last night? What must the Griff be thinking now? I would be very interested to see the stats of certain players.
Mikey Stewart called it last night, it's the system not the players at fault. Stewart said, there were too many players played out of their position and the system means you are not playing two of our best players, Griff n JF.
I get the feeling Mikey isna liking EBT McLeishs system or team selection.
The more I hear from Mikey the more I like him. Sad to admit this but Alan McGregor stopped Scotland getting a proper hiding. I really hope McLeish goes soon. His interview after game says it all really. James Forest on the bench, Johnny Russel and Naismith starting ahead of him and Griff, that is just plain wrong.
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Agree with you , Richybhoy , about M. Stewart's analysis - mind you I thought McGregor was just doing a competent job as almost all shots were straight at him and most from a distance . Craig Gordon would have been equally competent - but he has a big drawback for McLeish - he's a Tim and he hasn't managed to get a lifetime ban - so he is definitely out !