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michael duffy

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Honest Michael, everyone to there own, far and wide just support, and love the club. It's all we can do,auld mucker. To the day a open my eyes to the day they close, family apart...the Hoops! ✊TAL
Chuckieeeeeeeeee ah'm phuqin pished, 67 "in the heat of Lisbon", let's all laugh at ragers! i just can't get enough, 9 in a row, AGAIN!!! it's great bein a tim 🍺 πŸ₯³

michael duffy

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'Impartial journalist' to Slippy G,
"So Stephen what went wrong"?
Eeeeeeeeee,referee's,the spfl,the sfa,the media,they all had it in for us,for decades,
But stephen, was it not the case,that your team and your tactics were just , well, shite,
Eeeeee,that's down to Gary Mac,it's about me brand,look, we won the pre season ,when there's no football bein played cup,the talking shite when there's no football bein played cup, the if games finished after 80 minutes cup, there;s a treble we don't get any recognition for.
So basically steven, yer talkin a load of pish?
No,jim traynor, the DUPand the orange order,said be staunch,so ah'm gettin me staunchie mcstaunchie face on, we're gonna sign a load of players to replace the crap who are here,then transfer them for gazillions, for eh,......we're comin
(interviewer falls over laughing)
what are ye doing tomorrow Stevie?
Eeeeeeee,ah'm taking Lourdes for her first communion
Thank you agent Gerrard,mission accomplished,over and out!


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I'm currently sitting on the bus behind some raging huns and they're bumping their gums about us only having 5 and three quarters in a row. πŸ˜‚
Also Mikey Stewart is a toley apparently. πŸ˜‚
They seem to think that not counting the four seasons when they were trying to get through the leagues from their new team entry point in division 3 is a valid argument. They haven't been close to winning the league in the five seasons they have been in it. We need to write 'League Championships for Dummies' for them... one of those cloth books that infants get would be about right.
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