Iconic Celtic Photos

From the Glasgow Celtic Supporters Facebook page:
Stan returns to Celtic Park .jpg“It was very emotional for me because I went through a very cruel treatment for three years. That was the first time that I faced people. I had to keep away from everyone. I had to be in total isolation which, for me, was very difficult. I wasn’t looking myself. So when Celtic approached me to do the game, I was very skeptical about it. For me it was very difficult because I was probably 45 kilos over the weight that I was playing at. I didn’t look myself at all and people hadn’t seen me for a long time. I didn’t know what to expect – it was very nervous for me. But when I stepped out onto the pitch and I saw 60,000 I said to myself: “I won’t cry, I’ll be strong” but I couldn’t help it. It was great for the family because my family went through a lot. They had to give their life to save my life, they had to sacrifice so much for three years. So for them to get out there and to be given such support, it was great to see. I was very honoured that I played for such a special and incredible club.”

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