Two years since the Stella Man passed. I sat up last night and read all 91 pages of this thread. It had me all choked up again but also put a smile on my face. The outpouring of love, for a man most of us have never met, was incredible.
Michael would love Angeball and Big Ange. He’s up there watching with his heavenly Stella and many, many Celts.
Stevie deserves a special mention too for everything he did, putting up his bank details so folk could donate, arranging the memorial stone and helping out MDs sister Fiona with the remaining funds.
Also Niall J - he helped some of our overseas noisers donate via his PayPal account.
Hail Hail all noisers and Michael Duffy Faither O the Noise.
Two years, wow! Certainly doesnt feel like two years.
Still the Faither of the noise and always will be.
Like most on here we never met, but he'll not be forgotten.
Stella was MDs drink but a stella guy respected by all HH ☘
Thinking of the great man today
He certainly left an impression on the Celtic Noise
Hat tip to Stevie for helping get the stone at Celtic Park together, and Hoopy also, and to my buddy Smelly G, who contributed on my behalf to the fund, although he'd never let on to anyone
There's some genuine humans on this site and it's testament to how much Michael meant to the site, and also to all of us, although we'd never met
Till we meet again my friend, the Stella is chilling in the fridge

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