League Cup Final - Celtic v the Rangers, Beautiful Sunday 8 December - all comments here


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Hun tears on Radio Clyde, we need to take from and build on this.
Aye like Celtic will sit on their arse when they have just climbed a hurdle whilst handicapped, Celtic are going to have a full team back without having to worry about Europa or league cup and can rest up and prepare for the title, whilst the Scottish cup is also a long while away.
Imagine sitting thinking this is the full Celtic stronget squad, fucking losers.

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I'm listening to a real load or rubbish on BBC Radio Scotland at the moment from Tom English and even Michael Stewart who normally talks sense. Why are we hearing nothing about a heroic 10 men performance against 11? Ten Men won the League Cup! They couldna' beat 10 men!
Don't be knocking the pundits and hacks, they had the narrative all prepared by half-time until pesky Celtic made them rewrite their dreams and fantasies. Every bit of criticism we're getting from them shows how much torture they're in and makes it all the more enjoyable for us. A good word from the smsm...........it'll never happen!

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