Milne, Hampden, Atlantic League, Mitchell to replace Farry - fascinating


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Another cracking article today from same place on the tax schemes over ibrox way. As a bean counter I can tell you it’s on the money.
Just read this article - spot on !
The real blame for the EBTs and other financial swindles lies with the ''Gatekeepers '' , i.e. the authorities whose responsibility is the fair governance of , in the SFA's case , football . They are 100% culpable and yet , despite all the evidence , they still do their world class impersonation of an ostrich . There are no words strong enough to condemn the dereliction of duty committed by these tossers , no punishment too severe, as they have undermined the whole game in Scotland .
As my old auntie Jean used to say '' Hingin's too good for these b*****ds , a good kick in the arse is needed ''.


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Thanks for those articles Numbersman, both are well worth reading. Esp the tax one. It explains complex subject matter in laymans terms. Thanks again
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That Daily Record which in my opinion,many years ago,was always a good sports paper,but now it acts like the Hun,stoop to print anything that's negative, especially if it's something to do about Celtic,they the Record have a video,of an Italian right back at Chelsea, signing follow follow,then at the end says F__k, Celtic,tell me what does he know about Celtic, Freedom of Press,anothe player have a go at his fellow professional players,and there club,no it's time our Club stood up to these corner boys at the Daily Record,bar the lot of them from entering Celtic Park,

TJ Hooper

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Stuart Cosgrove wrote an article in The National the other day saying he thinks the Record still has value. A worthwhile read whether you believe it or not.