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If you're falling out of trees, you're not doing it right
We used to hire arborists to climb, or remove trees, or grind stumps down
Leave the tree stuff to those who know best
You're right about the fuckwits though
Most of the people we dealt with were good people, but some were complete loonballs
forestry commisson trained and also a clumsy knt ,,, a bad mix a wiz told


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Found an old photo of me and my Dad, pissed after we beat the HUNS and celebrated into the night
*check out the old school scarf, back in the day
We were in the chippy as two big polis, came in at the end of their shift
We had ordered already, but my uncle who was with me at the game, said "Is that your last two bits of fish hen?"
"Ach well, just gie's them annaw "
The polis were beelin'
As we were outside when they came out to get in their Panda car, my uncle said "Any chance of a lift up the road ?"
The polis said "Ah'll gie ye a run up the fuckin' road alright" rolled up his window and they were gone
That photo is close to 50 years old now
HHme and my Dad .jpg

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