Poll: Should Celtic activate a one year extension on Leigh Griffiths’ contract at a cost of £1m? Vote Now…


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I'm sure , get rid the quicker the better and as for folk hoping he'll skelp sevco they days are gone he won't break sweat ,Both Gordon and Broony stood up for him to get his last extension and he repayed everyone by sitting on his arse or going out for a kebab after training
2 seasons of champions league qualifiers he turned up unfit to play and stayed unfit for the rest of the season although the 9 yr he got fit for a wee while and fitted in a trip to Dubia

The old Griff was a great talent ,this one now is just a waster

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It's a cautious yes as we can't quite fathom out what is going on with him. Fitness and mentality ..he is still young enough at 30 to offer us at least 1 more season of goals from the bench or otherwise ..would hate to see him rediscover his goal scoring elsewhere at Hibs or the sheep..so would give him one last shot at it....I think ?


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Since his 40 goal season 5 years ago his scoring record is average at best. Under 1 goal every 2 games but in 3 of those seasons worse than 1 in 3.
He will always score goals, no matter what level he plays at as he's a natural scorer, but his overall contribution to the team has now virtually disappeared. He creates very little, misses chances he used to bury and obviously has massive fitness issues which come from lifestyle choices.
Accepting his lack of professionalism this season is one of the reasons (among many) we have been so bad. He should have been punted last summer when he couldn't be arsed coming back in a condition where he could play pre season games let alone important early season games in this most important season.

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Results as things stand...

Should Celtic activate a one year extension on Leigh Griffiths' contract at a cost of £1m?
  • Yes (48%, 451 Votes)

  • No (47%, 440 Votes)

  • Undecided (5%, 44 Votes)
Total Voters: 935
Looks fairly accurate I would say as it does feel like a close call among the support. .I don't think there are any of us who don't think he has let us and himself down but we also are aware of what he can do. Ultimately looks like the club won't renew his contract especially if no new manager is in place by contract activation date which looks increasingly likely as things stand.

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I believe griff is partly to blame for his fitness this season. The Celtic coaching staff are as much to blame. I think if you analyse the griff situation then you'll find the reason as to why the wheels came off at Celtic.
Griffiths hasn't been fit all season, yet Lennon had him on the bench and used him many time during this period. In fact I would go as far as to say the majority of the team weren't fit enough this season with them blowin out of their arse after an hour.
Lennon got fuckin lazy and his coaches got lazy as a result of that and the team are an extension of their coaches and more so their manager.
Any decent manager would have laid down a strict diet and fitness program for griff and put him in with the reserves. He should have been docked a large amount of his wages each week until he was fit. That would have straightened him out fairly quickly, but Lennon let the tail wag the dog.
In saying all that, I think a new manager will sort all that out and we'll see a new griff. So keep him surely. Unless the new manager is Kennedy!
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Times up we stood by him he stood by the Tunnochs tea cakes and Kelly’s Kebab van
Sadly No time to find out how guid you were Son with Anither Team but thanks for the Memories



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Conflicted on this one tbh. He's certainly no done himself any favours with his behaviour this season but his mental health issues maybe played a bigger part in that than we realise. Who knows maybe a new manager coming in will be good for him and get him back to his best but anything less than 100% professionalism from him from here on in should see him out on his arse and that should be made a condition of any contract extension.

I'd say aye but with certain conditions attached.

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Does anyone else think the players should only get 1 weeks holiday this year? They can’t go anywhere, the world is still closed, they should be working with the strength and conditioning coach, the WHOLE team is unfit, and blowing out they’re arse after 60 mins we need to hit the ground running, make a statement of intent

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