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Each to our own path as you so diplomatically put it.
When I put the History & Science channels to you it was to see if you had logical answers, that might convince me differently. Being brought up and being a practicing Catholic most of my life, being a Atheist has left a huge hole in my life.
Until science proved the shroud of Turin which was supposed to reflect the face of Jesus. However when they carbine dated it, it was only 1400 years old, which was the start of my search for the truth of the origin of man ect.
Ps TBH I wish I did still believe in a god the thot of seeing my parents again when I die was very comforting. My children are both very religious and I would never say anything to them that would spoil their thots of a life after life.
they recently recarbon dated the Turin shroud. I have no idea if it is true what they now claim. But it seems that 1400s the shroud was damaged and a different bit of cloth was suppose to have been added to the original and the original carbon dating came from the bit of cloth woven into the shroud.

When retested at different parts of the shroud it does come from period that is more authentic. Still not definitely the thing that Jesus had on his body.

it was retested again 2 years ago and the test suggests it is fake.

Personally I don't think the Turin shroud is the thing Jesus was wrapped in. But its never been Catholic dogma to believe in the shroud as authentic, as far as im aware.

Just a weird bit of maybe aye maybe naw?

|For me its a naw.


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Jesus is pain, Jesus is gore, Jesus is the blood that's spilled in war, He's everything, He's all things dead, He's pulling at the trigger pointed at your head! Through fear your sold into the fraud, Revelation, Revolution, I see through your Christ Illusion!