Remembering Johnny Doyle


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Stevie thanks for the support but i really don't care what the people on here think of me but thanks for the support day maybe I'll tell you a story about the time my mate, me and a couple of Lisbon lions were playing at golf.

I was playing with the brilliant gentleman Bobby Murdoch (who was at one time the best midfielder in the world) and wee Jinky trying to kill an hour before a business a meeting.

Because i was the member of the local course i had to sign them in and therefore was responsible for any misdemeanors that happened on the course during the round

what happened next was fkn was brilliant.

Ya fekn teasešŸ¤£

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Lovely reminder of a true fan with a Jersey.

4 v 2 against them was the stuff of dreams for us, but I thought Johnny was immense against Real Madrid at Celtic Park.

He passed one week exactly after my 21st birthday, last week I was 60 and I'm left wondering were the time went, not for me but with the passing of my heroes.

The wee mhan running with a clenched fist along the front of the Jungle after scoring is how I always remember him.

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