Scotland's Top Tim Town


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Well... It sounds like there might just be 3 of us in Renfrew.....actually there's a whole lot more....but it isn't a Tim town.

Thats alright bro, we got them all in Coatbridge, little Ireland.
A few people i could flick the match at. 🔥 but even more things i love about my town and our Irish history made this town Pre-brother Walfrid tried making those in the Calton catch up 😇😎😜
Apart from the obvious Garngad, Croy, coatbridge etc. any other contenders? I spent my baby years in Dalmuir, surely a contender?
My mam came from Croy, my aunt looked after the chapel house there for over 50 years. I grew up going to processions there - a wee piece of Ireland where we felt safe and secure. It prepared us to have the confidence to face the cesspit that was and still is Scotland, a country where I had to state my religious denomination on page one of a job application for one of the biggest companies in the UK. Our background defines us and I for one will be eternally grateful for my childhood and the part Croy played in it.