The hilarious story about Roy Keane’s Celtic debut

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The comedian Paddy McDonnell has recalled how Roy Keane throttled him after Celtic’s defeat to Clyde in the Scottish Cup. Gordon Strachan’s side were beaten 2-1 in Cumbernauld despite the former Manchester United star making his debut.

Speaking to Hot Water’s Green Room podcast, McDonnell told the story about Keane’s infamous Celtic debut and how he almost took out his rage on the comedian in Neil Lennon’s car.

“When Roy Keane came to the club, I knew Neil Lennon. Keane first match was against Clyde in the cup, and it was this tiny, tiny stadium.

“It was freezing. When they came I was calling him a f****** Cork Gypsy and he could hear because it was a tiny pitch. He went over to Lennon and said ‘Who the f*** is this c***?’ and Lennon was like ‘I know him, I know him” and all this.


Cumbernauld, UNITED KINGDOM: Roy Keane (C) of Celtic dribbles (GLENN CAMPBELL/AFP via Getty Images)

“After the match Lennon had a match-worn top for me, and he said come and meet me outside the ground. I jumped out in front of his car and when I did an arm went round my neck and was choking me.

“All I heard was the voice. ‘Who is f****** Cork G**** now ya fat f****** c***?’ then Lenny is like ‘you need to let him go’. Then I look over and he’s walking away to his car and I was like holy f*** – the night that was Keane. Tears etc.”

Keane made just 13 appearances for Celtic, scoring once before he was forced to retire. It is a shame that fans were only limited to such a small amount of games watching Keane as games like this showcase how good a player he still was, even if he was in the twilight of his career.

Keane would help Celtic complete a double that season with the League Cup and League, his last as a player. Keane has made the move into management and coaching since retiring but he continues to earn the headlines for his work as a pundit.

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