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Wee idea I had today. You can only post once and the only posts allowed will be nominations. I will ask WC to delete anything off-topic. You vote by liking or the wee heart. You don't have to vote on your own nominee if somebody makes a more convincing case for another player so you can change your vote by unliking the original post and liking the other one. There'll be a final vote date and the 10 most popular go in the Noise Hall Of Fame which will be a closed thread with only the nominations posts in descending order of popularity.

Some people like Henrik require no words to explain why they deserve to be in the HOF but if you nominate a player they are your responsibility so be sure to state their case. Posts can be edited as much as you like before the final vote. There will be a cut off point for edits in reasonable time before voting closes.
Bobby Lennox.


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It's got to be the GASL !
He was present when the original club ( sometimes known as the Oldco ! ) was liquidated ( sometimes known as ''demotion '' among the diehards in the Scottish media ) and has been instrumental since his takeover of driving Sevco to the point of financial oblivion . :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:



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From recent years
Lee (the Hunskelper) Griffiths
Barry Robson (Penalty straight down the middle)
Kris Commons
Craig Burley (I'll fucking DO you !!!)
Craig Bellamy (Some cracking goals againt them from the wee man)
Darren O'Dea (remember he 'allegedly' skelped a HUN outside a club)
Shunsuke Nakamura

The list is endless


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It has to be Big Jock. With a special mention to the Lisbon Lions.

Winning the big cup ended the Huns. They are where they are today by trying to emulate our achievements in joining that elite band as being champions of Europe.

It sticks in their craw that we stand proudly alone in Scottish Football. We have done what they never will.

All Hail Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions. Hun skelpers extraordinaire...


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