The Importance Of This Site And Getting Everyone On It

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Seriously, how about a campaign to get this rule written into the rulebook:

"Any member club can ban a referee from officiating at any of their games. A club can ban up to a total of 5 referees without having to stipulate the reason for the ban".

This change to the rulebook would be furiously opposed by the SFA and the Deadclub for obvious reasons. Although this new rule would not fix the problem, it would be a positive step in the right direction.


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James, first of all... Thanks for taking the initiative in setting up this forum.

You're right that the fans have power here and we need to wield it better. Few governments have stood against mass revolts when the population at large is organized, determined, and represents a decisive majority. Companies and other non-profits (such as the SFA) are not governments, but there are ways of dealing with them as well. The most effective ways are generally laid out in the articles of incorporation (i.e. corporate activism where shareholders vote en-mass against the current board). Boycotts are also known to work if they become large enough.

Anyway, I am frustrated beyond belief right now with our own board. The lack of transfer funds. The lack of forward thinking in squad building. The lack of any sensible exit strategy for moving players on who aren't going to be part of the manager's long term plans, finding suitable replacements, etc. It's borderline criminal that the board turned down £9M for Boyata because we didn't have a replacement lined up. It was so bad they didn't even have a replacement for Sviachenko until the last day of the summer window, and that was a freaking loan signing (Benkovic)! There was speculation all summer long during the World Cup that Boyata was going to move on, and the club should have been at least figuring out a contingency plan if a big money offer came in. £9M could have been used for permanant replacements for both Boyata and Sviachenko. But the lack of planning means we'll have to replace Boyata and Benkovic this summer, and we won't have £9M to fund the acquisitions because of the lack of planning last summer.

I have a lot more frustration than this, but heads should roll for the way the last few transfer windows have been executed. And the board needs to be blasted to bits for not getting BR the necessary funds to buy permanant replacements for all the areas of the team. Instead of "buying that bit of quality", we're spending small sums bringing in project players and guys who, by all accounts, aren't better than what we already have. We're going to enter the summer transfer window with a full rebuild on our hands, and we'll probably be worse as a club for the qualifiers next summer than we were last summer unless the club makes quick and significant progress bringing in a number of players ready to step into the 1st team.
Great piece James, a sad indictment of our game when as you say “we are not asking for anything that isn’t completely fair”. And yes I’m inclined to agree with you, it does look likely that sevco will (continue to) get away with it. 100+ years of institutionalised bias and bigotry is a mighty obstacle to overcome, and this season in particular, it is clearly evident that “stop the 10’’ is now fully operational.
Ajer/McGregor, the Morelos three red cards debacle, four penalties kindly donated by brother Dallas among the most recent, and managers being fined/banned for speaking their minds regarding the inconsistency, sorry honest mistakes, that seem to benefit only one team ?? Steve Clark is choosing his words with care when he says he is growing ‘’increasingly disappointed’’ with the current standard of refereeing. However Slippy G appears to be bulletproof when criticising all and sundry within the game.
The evidence is there for all to see, and if anyone hasn’t checked out Paul Larkin’s excellent ‘’Anyone but Celtic” on YouTube please do. You’re absolutely right James, we need to get moving on these issues, lead on and keep the faith HH
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