Way to go KT


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No one can fault KT for Owen goal the defence was stretched after the sending off,thought KT had a good game Robertson as good he is was lost in whatever roll he was supposed to be play McGreggor made a couple of good saves but who the hell was he kicking the ball out too? Leaving Forrest out of starting line up big mistake,but they will twist thier reports to make sure the innocents get the blame


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You hit it on the head Maria,this young man has showed a lot of maturity He has taken his mistake on the chin told the press he excepts people's criticism but also defends the rest of team saying they gave thier all a leader in waiting


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While no player is bigger than the club -or country - it is time for some players ( KT obviously ) to say to the Scotland 'manager ' that he will be happy to continue playing for his country but.... only in the position that suits him i.e. the position in which he plays for his club .

Being played out of position is not doing the team nor KT any good . The reason for picking KT is because of his form in a particular position for his club . What is the point of picking a player who is outstanding in one position then playing him in a totally different area of the pitch ? Would you pick Messi for the team and then play him in goal ? Well , McLeish probably would !

Other players should be adopting this attitude . It is not putting themselves above the needs of the team , it is exactly the opposite .

The Shamrock

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McLeish was known for changing positions for players at other clubs and it never achieved anything, and in fact made it look even more that he was scratching his head in confusion. Even he knows this job is beyond him but he'll stay for the money to pay off Hector. No tactics and no ideas, he's a washed up failure.


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Tierney is the next Celt to be removed from the starting Team. Only Calum left now.

Gordon, Forrest, Griff already out

Hendry, Christie tokens

The Plan is to replace them and bring in Sevco players McGregor, Jack, Dorrans and Murphy and to get the Huns back supporting Scotland