We can all use a laugh


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I thought it was Giro van Bankbust making a break for it after realising he's been sold a pig shit in a poke!
This is a laugh and will age well...
From a Currant Bun on Fester Fester

I know we have no manager as such tomorrow but I’d still rather have Jermain Defoe as ‘acting manager’ than Ange Postacogalou as permanent manager:))

Oh ma sides...



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Murty is maybe moving to Old Trafford to replace Ole after Man U got gubbed 4-1 today by Watford???
There probably was some kind of ultimatum but if memory serves me correctly there was a Lord Of The Rings type incident during his last management stint. Something to do with a Sevco awards dinner and hoards of orks emerging from Mordor.
Master Murts spent his entire time since Slippy left watching Indiana Jones films to inspire escape plans