Who’s the player of the season


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Right at this moment we have so many players playing well.

Mooy has been outstanding since returning from Qatar.

Mooy, Daizen Maeda and CCV came back changed players for me.
The confidence boost their games recieved from having a successful world cup was plain as day for us to see.

Looking at how JJs early Union Berlin career has begun he's had that boost too.
The same can be said of Johnston and how much confidence he got he's settled in like the huge majority of others really well and hit the ground running.

Before Qatar, Mooy wasn't yet up to full tilt for us I thought and that's the reason why I won't give POTY to him.

CCV however has been on it all season 1 defeat in 76 matches at Celtic is an insane stat , for me he's easily our best CB since VVD.

The only others who could challenge Carter for it is Calmac, Hatate and Kyogo.

These guys have been the spine of the side and each has carried us at times with their quality.

Having only turned pro in 2020 and can only string a few sentences in English together, travels to Europe and joins one of the worlds iconic clubs and settles like he has done , got to be REO HATATE !

Winter's Celtic POTY
Well done Reo- saan 🍀🙌

Is it no a wee bit early for this?


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I will pick mooy
way too many candidates to actually pick ONE.
Calmac just keeps on doin what Calmac does, Reo is starting ( in my opinion) to look more and more like KD, CCV is a rock (week in week out), Mooybhoy seems to be getting better each week , Maeda is a non stop footballing machine and, of course, Kyogo just keeps hitting the back of the net.
I can't pick ONE. I suggest the players decide.

50 Shades of Green

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Ange has played a blinder awe season.... But I guess we are looking for on the actual pitch players..

Taylor CCV Calmac Reo Kyogo cases can be made for each and every one mentioned above... But for me the Captain shades it just from Reo, he's involved for the whole game usually, Reo for bits at a time although granted pretty effective when he does.

The Ferrymhan it is for me...

Bridie Bhoy

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Too many candidates and yes, it is far too early to be picking a player of the season! I think our most important player is Carter-Vickers, our best player is MacGregor (although we did cope surprisingly well when he was out injured, that is why I'd plump for CCV) and honourable mentions to Hatate, Taylor, Maeda and Mooy who have all shone in a squad of stars.

Frank Owen

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I don't think we've been so spoiled for choice, ( since The Lions ? ) for a very long time. There are probably five or six players who merit being in contention.
For me, though, consistency over the entire season, ( so far ) narrows it down to between the skipper, and the rock.
CCV would be my choice.

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