Who is the real Tgm.?


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Who is this TGM? Is he threatening JF?
He is a regular on the Celtic blog.

Likes to annoy everybody who doesn't agree that he is the greatest mind that ever talked about Flat earth.

He also likes the conspiracy theories and contradicting JF

If anything i think he thinks JF is out to get him.
Thinks every JF blog has special hidden references to him.

Nobody is too sure if he just ill or Trayner troll


Tgm a man with many aliases. Who is he what is he,? What is his agenda? Is it divide and conquer? Is he a secret agent trying to undermine the Celtic family with end goal to destroy destruct us forevermore.? I look forward to your comments and your wit. HH ☘️

You do know his sense of overinflated ego would be wetting himself getting a thread to himself 😂😂😂


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He can be particularly nasty when challenged, yet cries like little baby if anybody rationally takes him to account.

Claims he anti masonic but thinks he is the new maitreya a new buddha if you like, special revelations of the correct version of occult everything, except he also contradicts his own special virtue in every sentence.

Personally I think he escaped form Broadmoor or is heading for the rubber room quite soon.