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    Lawwell’s Best Ever Window

    Your correct thats a big problem for us at the moment we tend to float balls in speculate that somebody will get on the end of it can remember when teams would fight hard not to commit a foul or concede a corner to us Now they know we don't create much danger from these ie 10 corners Sun not one...
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    Just sad jealous person because never offered position at celtic,just continues to be a laughing stock just like Walker,Provan,Commons,Keevins
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    Goal, Glory, Confession, Griffiths, “in a nutshell” – “I let myself down, my club down. I let everybody down”

    When picking there team last week I don't believe anyone picking Griff well lol I said I agreed with Docco about his team saying only change was Griff in beside Eddy instead of Klimala Griff is the best penalty box striker and when plays Eddy plays very warm welcome back Griff
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    St. Johnstone v Celtic - Match Thread, all comments here

    Only change would drop Taylor play Connel as he has pace,good first touch,can see a pass and it will give us speed and skill down both wings
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    We must change the midfield

    I agree with most of wots being said We are slow,predictable,and dont have a midfielder who takes responsibility to make things happen.the ball must move forward quicker from defence to forwards if you watch teams that sit back against us are happy to let our defence and Broonie have the ball...
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    When the f**k diz the day shift get up!

    Agree with MD everyday is a holiday work hard bhoy needs the £ HH
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    Kris Boyd

    What a great idea
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    Celtic v Livingston - all comments here

    I agree Taylor will never get better as a wing back will always pass rather than try to get to byeline big problem he has never looks about when receiving ball or passing would give Connel a chance at wingback he has good first touch,sees a pass not afraid to take people on.Start with back 3...
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    How was the 10 stopped??

    Regarding stopping 10iar we started really bad losing first 2 games Henry's first game against Hibs he passed the ball to chic Charney boom Hibs win Charney said best pass ever received open up celtic defence,we then started to improve as team began playing together because having so many new...
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    Best 11 if everyone is fit?

    Barkas ElHamed Duffy Jullien Frimpong Brown Ntcham McGregor Moi Griffiths Eddy Bench Christie Ajeti Forrest Ajer Klimala
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    A perceptive view from an objective Celtic fan

    Congratulations Micheal agree 100%good to get is off ur chest HH
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    Hope ur right Imatim dont see it myself feel we need full back whose comfortable on the and reads the game
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    Really dont know wot game sandman watching Taylor murder going forward always turns back,very seldom gets past first defender and never looks up before crossing and seems to be moving inside leaving wireman tons of room if he does if he does this against the Huns they will run amok down that...
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    The Sick As A Parrot - Get It Off Your Chest Thread

    I agree micheal 100% about GB love those guys anybody who says that between ages of 16/26 would not be part of GB Well I worry for they stand for all that is good about our club.The board dont really don't give a shit about us fans they just want bums on seats. Alright we lost again in Europe if...