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    We can all use a laugh

    Alfrodo is practicing pens, Be afraid, VERY afraid, 'Fraid not
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    'Le Skelper' Odsonne Edouard, Staying for the Ten

    I do hope it's all go for the 10. The lad knows his stock will rise being a history maker, add a good showing in Europe, France and the world's his oyster. Over to you PL, announce new contract PDQ.
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    Stevie G's new Nickname

    New nickname, Bobbit.
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    Stevie G's new Nickname

    Slippy, " Darling yeh fancy an early night "? Missus, " ay a'right babes, am a gettin' !1 slice or 2?
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    What's the story Mike's Castore.

    Off course they've learned Michael, it's simple, get shafted by your club, never complain about being shafted by same, lest the OO kick yer bits into yer skull, (giving yer braincell company), rage for days, then blame big Pete. As Gary frae Castlemilk proed on SSB tonight. THANKS TO tam for this
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    Sevco fans marching season fail, wheelie bin drum belting out the sash

    Did Elton John no write a song about that. Blue bins, Billy's got blue bin. An he's bangin' down As he marches on, But he;s not alone, He marches on and on, Yea Billy's got blue bin.
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    Celtic in English Leagues

    Maybe take over Gretna 2008 and start in the Lowland League. That's as far south i'd accept, and probably as close as we'd get to the EPL. It's a no for me.
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    Coco's dream

    Never say sorry to me mate. We're all together in 1 ten, 1 thought and history is.
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    Coco's dream

    Quite right GS. The JD tat'll do me fine. Wish i could afford the Teflon Taps they sail down the Mersey.
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    We can all use a laugh

    That'll be an unseen hand debating point. Certainly not ecumenical in the eyes of some.
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    Coco's dream

    Alfredo's race hits the buffers. The brakes, the brakes, the bitch cut mi brakes.
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    Coco's dream

    The neve ending story that is the Alfrodo transfer saga. Will they, won't they bid, offer, actually lift the receiver and call us. How hard can one club - with a national press backing - find it so hard to sell a nutter. The Alfredo Morelos story developed further yesterday as the first major...
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    That night, that weekend, that moment.

    Thinking to much, then share your 2 tunes that were part of a "moment" Rather hard to do. So years apart here's mine. The New Order means a lot. Don't tell the wife.
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    Bears rage as JD Boycott is announced- Twitter links inside

    Anyone got Mehmet on speed dial? Asking for a friend.
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    Coco's dream

    Sevco's fav song. Their ode to MA and SDI.