“Howe is not the Messiah,” Commons savages Eddie Howe’s managerial Record


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Not for the first time I think that Celtic fc should be more selfish, if the clubs will not stand up to the huns we should take the following steps, currently the Premier league is built on most clubs banking 4 visits from the Glasgow clubs if we don't take any tickets then we half the income that these clubs bank on we should be quite open about the reason and we should refuse TV coverage unless it is supplied by us, even the huns need us to provide our half of the Glasgow Derby. I have said this before PL was wrong we are a club like no other we don't need the huns HH.
Never believed Celtic when they state that they have a contract to provide the press access and to be interviewed, yet the BBC are banned from the shitehole and no-one gives them an interview, so thats a lot of shite Celtic. And if contractual agreements are in place nothing to stop you telling them fuck all at the interviews or give Kenny answers like mibee ayes, mibee naws.


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Can anyone tell me what Commons had won before he came to Celtic??? Wasn't he bought from a mid table English team and became a success at Celtic, a bit like Eddie Howe hopefully.

Remember that Commons ya bitter we non entity, you were nothing before us and your nothing again, trying to stay relevant for the kings shilling, even the snake didn't like you and he was trying to be everyone's pal when he arrived.

Very biblical


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Is NL the new head of recruitment?? Hammond goes and lennon is snuck in through the back door after leaving from the front?? It's just so random.
I'm so sorry guys I can't help it he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy, this could encompass all these ex-celtic players succuling at the teat of sevcoland, apart from perhaps Sutton or big John, I have become impervious to the sniping of these arseholes. It seems that if you're an ex - employee then the only way you can make any cash is by being negative personally I couldn't give a fuck about any of them. HH

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