A Wee bit of Music Nostalgia ..Post it here

My favourite artist has always been Neil Young, a massive fan of his music, saw the great man many times over the years

I was thinkig earlier though, the first 3 songs i heard of his were covers and the reason i was drawn to his music. When i was about 16 i was a bit of an anorak when it came to mind altering substances. I would often be happily fucked up but while some may frown, to me it was a real eye opening and joyous time which i'm glad was then.
When your high as a fucking kite and young, your wide open to anything really (other than anal depositing), you think things that are so fucking out there that your grateful, and you hear things differently. What you would overlook in erm normal times, it hits you like a ton of bricks.
Neil Young is marmite, i get that, but if i'd never heard 3 covers of his and been out there, i'd never have went anywhere near his music....

The first was a cover by Betty Lavette i heard at a soul night and its genius

The second was a song that would have been a 4 am late night effort after 4 days on LSD and coming back to reality. This song opened a door for this band and they walked through it.

The last was beleive it or not, the Everly Bros covering a song NY wrote about the Kent State shooting in Ohio.

The world works in a funny way, it wasn't the artist that got to me, it was others covers that pulled me in. 30 years ago i needed LSD to be out there, nowadays, i just need a forum and a bit of fresh air

Ach thats the ambulance here to pick me up, need to run, talk soon folks :)
After reading your description of your ' colourful' youth, I'm amazed you can still run. Agree with you about NY, though....an' Ah quite like marmite, too.
Neil Young, my mate's favourite singer back in the early 70's...check out his tour bus, with the '48 Buick roof ornament
A buddy of mine out here, has a trucking business and he was on the set of a movie one day a couple of years ago, when he spotted a guy sitting off to the side, he thought he looks familiar, but couldn't place him, he strumming a guitar, my buddy is an old guy, and in a band, he ambled over and they chatted..."Hi, name's Bruce"...shake hands..."Neil..." it wasn't until heading down the highway, afterwards that he thought..."Holy man, that was Neil Young"
There is a lot St Paddy's Day specials on BBC 2 tonight. Sinead, Van Morrison, Phil Lynott & Shane MacGowan documentaries and live stuff. In case anyone is interested. 🍀☘️🍀
Watched it. Really good. The Boomtown Rats were on. Every year in Lochore, a small ex mining town in Fife, they have a gig called Rockore. Usually they get tribute bands etc to play. Last year they asked about the Boomtown Rats with Bob Geldolf and they accepted and played a great set to everyones enjoyment. Well done to Bob and the Boomtown Rats.


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