Ann Budge's grotesque grandstanding and Celtic bidding farewell after Ten-in-a-Row

The Shamrock

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While I agree with many of the sentiments expressed in the article , the expectation that this summer of Scottish football 'shooting itself in the foot , knee , head etc ' is finished is not one of them .

We still have the same chip on the shoulder bunch over at Ibrokes actively looking for reasons to feel aggrieved - and now they have a stoater ! Peter Lawwell on the SPFL board !

Expect conspiracy theories to exponentially increase as it is revealed that Big Pete has :

a) bribed the SFA Arbitration Panel to find against Annie Get your Hun over at Hearts .

b) selected all the pro-Celtic refs ( and there are SOOO many ! ) to undermine the Ibrokes challenge .

c) ensured that the Sellic don't play The Rangers until Stevie G's team have fallen 10 points behind .

d) bought quality players with cash to embarrass the Rangers Provie Cheque scheme for signing duds over 35 from 4th division Albanian junior teams .

e) undermined the More-or-less transfer by offering Lille the loan of a one-legged , over weight , one eyed 76 year old - who has never been sent off in derby matches .

"Annie get your Hun". 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


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Aw guys, sites like these depend on the volunteers that take the time to write articles for us all to enjoy, it can be a solitary experience, there’s NOTHING BETTER in any walk of life for someone to take the time to pat you on the back and say “well done” it’s called good man management, you should all try it some time 👍🤣

You do know we were pulling your leg?

It goes without saying that Niall is very much appreciated on here as are you ma man and quite a few others...

Waiting for incoming lol


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She wants wage cuts? Then signs our goalkeeper on a free with a reported £5k per week

I think this one she got right.....there's a bit left in Gordon as a player and by all accounts he is a very smart man.....he will no doubt be utilised to some extent in a coaching capacity.....and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up managing them in the future...


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The huffing and puffing and persiflage is typical of the off season. Real football begins in just a few days. this is a season were there are just two possible outcomes. Celtic win the league and complete the Decima. Or Celtic lose and 10IAR is not achieved. The neighbours' bravado will come off with a bit of alcohol. Imagine in a week losing at Pittodrie and then in the Europa and I will smell their fear 12,000 miles away. We need three points from the Game on Sunday and three points from the games after that. Win after win after win. Can we not only win the league but win every game? The Invincibles. It all kicks off on Sunday.

You could have said "banter" there doc :D

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