Big Jack Charlton dies at 85


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Met Big Jack at a conference where he was the guest speaker,we were upstairs for the evening meal. I knew the Celtic v Liverpool quarter final Was on tv downstairs so Imade an excuse to nip down to see the score Celtic had just equalised as I passed the table where Jack was sitting so told him the score which surprised him,he replied Liverpool will hammer them.went back down just as John Hartson scored it was a belter it was near the end so waited until final whistle so as I passed Jack with a big smile on my face I told him the score and who scored the final goal. He told me to fuck off laughed and then shook my hand and said Celtic were a great team and loved playing against them a true gent will never forget his banter R.I.P. BIG JACK


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Wee Jack related story. Was in Belfast '94 Over seeing friends. Ireland had just beaten Italy, place was mental weans going crazy.
Any way RUC patrol comes down the street.
This policeman says to one of the weans " sure it took an Englishman to get you there"
Quick as whip the wee Bhoy repiled " sure it take's 20 British soldiers for you to walk down ma steet" 😂 feckin belter. True story.
That's right Galway the SS always had protection scum bag bastards.