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Love the idea of the open plan way the balcony above like that maybe I will win the euro millions and buy myself a gaff like that and mbappe for the tic😆
Kira used to jump off that balcony onto the back of my sofa! I'd be sitting watching the snooker feeling a bit snoozy then THUD! a cat would land on me from 12 feet above and id go through the fuckin ceiling! 😹


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We met a new friend this morning
Cosmo, 10 weeks old so we stayed at a distance as he hasn't had all his shots, but him and Beau wanted to play

A beautiful morning clear and cold & sunny

My two best buds


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Looking back on some memories
Our boy Smudge, was the coolest
He loved to chill with the family and sometimes he'd jump across to the ledge, and watch the birds on the lawn
He was agile as all heck, but I usually had to rescue him, as he'd meow like mad, for me to help him back across the chasm
Miss that wee guy
Smudge lookout .jpg510 2.jpgSmudge 510.jpg510.jpg
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A wee funny story from yesterday, our neighbours cat Tara often comes into our garden for a visit, so I was watching her yesterday prowling about, next thing she's on the shed roof and decides to jump down onto the greenhouse roof. Greenhouse roof is polycarbonate sheets, Tara landed on the roof, polycarbonate sheet gave up and folded inwards, Tara disappeared through the roof into the greenhouse! Good job I was watching or she would've been trapped in there, mad wee bugger! 😹


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Ah wis out on ma afternoon walk wi wee Chico when ah went tae pickup his shite luckily there’s no a lot of it on account of him being little, the bag wis being blown about wi the wind and I got a dod o shite all over ma fingers so quick thinking ah cleaned ma fingers on the frosty grass and the wee bit of snow thought ah wis sorted till ma fingers started nipping and took half an hour tae thaw out I lead a wild life people


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I took Beau for a walk this morning, Liliana and Grandma, decided to stay home
We get outside and he refuses to budge
No matter what I tried, he just sat down, and looked back towards the front door
I had to call and have Kerry and Liliana come out and go for a walk with us
As soon as I handed the leash to the wee yin
Beau: "OK lets' go, with a big cheesy grin on his face, and a wag of his tail"
The two of them are best buddies and he watches over her and never pulls when she's got the leash
Animals have beautiful spirits, and we could learn a lot from them
Walking Beau on the rubber pathway .jpg
Beau nope, not buding.jpguae Lily Grndma.jpgThe 3 Amigos.jpg
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