Celtic v St Johnstone - Scottish Cup 5th Round, Celtic Park - all comments here


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Great performance. Burke was great, hope that was just a dull yin and he’s ok for Valencia. The eternal gardener was trying not to look shellshocked. Watched them last night and they had fuck all. Looking forward to exacting terrible revenge for that fuckup at Greyskull when we play them next. Another 5-6 hammering coming their way. Which will be some achievement considering they have already won the CL twice this year, the league three times and the World Cup.



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Looks like only Brendan knows how to get the best out of Burke ,thought he had a great game today worked hard for the team and linked well at first i thought he would be another craig beattie shows i know fk all

whole team were emence Toljan is getting better with every game as is christie and what about \0/ goal , well deserved

mib had not a bad game ,don't see him going far


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I'd also like to ask the opinion of the sorely missed flat earth denier SP, one of Scotlands finest socialists from the Independent Capital of Scotland, Dundee, the Irish Capital of the East Coast, are you on hols mate or are ye working like a barsteward.