Champions league predictor 23/24

Deary me suprbru, no problem with sites , and it's a good one making a few bucks for the service they provide again a great wee one but just messing about in the site, getting familiar with it again, getting ready for the annual surge into the top 10, whit? Happens every year, I start to concentrate.
I noticed this in the certificates section ,


Thought ar first , oh! I have won something before, whit is it?
So clicked the link and saw thatvin 2020 I came 2nd in a group of fk knows how I ended up in it but I came 2nd. 😎

And for just $2 I can buy it, the certificate,doesn't saw nowt about frames don't think.
Just what I need in my life, permanent framed reminder, well done son you came 2nd.
But you always said 2nd us last?
That's just in Scotland.
Decided a can of breakfast might be money better spent, if it was 1st place though? Hmm nah as well
Well done to Fis for winning the CL Bunnet this week.... Bellshill Bhoy gets the wooden spoon...

And leading after the group stages is Sandman, well done mate....

A wee break folks from the European glamour, but dont forget your weekly and sometimes twice weekly (o my 😳) predictions..

It is tight at the top, with 10 points separating the top 15 predictors. Sandman has the last two European victors, Stevie & Big Ian, breathing down his neck - which seems like a worrying thing to me!

So it is all to play for after the winter break. In the meantime Dr Fis gets to strut around NZ all summer/winter wearing the yellow bunnet, while Bellshill's Ready Brek will get plenty stirring with his widden spoon (or is it a spurtle he uses?).

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